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Our Philosophy

DFC Investment & Retirement Strategies

Since 1985, DFC, has served a wide range of affluent individuals, retirement plans, and trusts. Assets under management generally continue to increase each year*, a tribute to the success of the firm and its effective use of Modern Portfolio Theory.

DFC offers, through Capital Asset Advisory Services, comprehensive personal financial planning. Our client-oriented process focuses on the psychological and financial factors that impact the client’s goals and objectives. We formulate a long-term strategy for our clients on which they can build their financial future.

In working with clients to build their financial plans, DFC utilizes a systematic, four-step process. Our initial in-depth analysis of the client’s present situation provides the foundation. After carefully evaluating past performance and assessing all relevant personal and financial data, we design a plan to help meet your needs, goals and objectives. As your financial planner, we also help you clarify what those objectives are…where do you financially want to be in five years, in ten? How much risk are you willing to take? How much is required for you to comfortably retire? These considerations are an important part of our design process, and crucially impact our recommendations.

Once these two keystones, analysis and design, are in place, we select the money managers suited to the specific profile. We analyze these managers by their investment styles, risk parameters, and performance over varying time periods. Our experience, combined with a detailed overview of the financial vehicles, enables us to produce a portfolio tailored to the client’s personal needs.

The final step of our process is unquestionably the most important - monitoring. Even the most comprehensive plan is worthless unless it performs, and at DFC our only objective is to successfully fulfill our clients’ objectives. We base our business on long-term relationships - not piece-meal projects. As part of our service, we carefully monitor your accounts to determine if they perform to expectations. We review the overall portfolio, assessing not just the performance of individual entities, but how they perform as a unit. We have found this method to be very useful in helping achieve the long-range goals of our clients. Should a money manager not perform well, either alone or with the group, we suggest substitutes that keep the objective in sight.

The professionals of DFC each have more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and a broad background in investment planning and finance. They are proud of their analytical approach to investment management, and in the past have made frequent appearances as guest lecturers throughout the country. They focus on what works for you - what satisfies every aspect you wish to achieve. Nothing else is as important. Nothing else takes priority. Their business is structured to serve all of your financial needs - changing and growing as your needs change. They continually review changes in tax and estate laws so they may keep their clients’ portfolios abreast with the times.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Our Financial Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Planning & Monitoring
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • IRA’s & IRA Rollovers
  • Educational Seminars
  • Company Benefits